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whelped 6/13/23
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I am so in love with Great Danes  that I show them in conformation and occasionally breed them. I always try to improve on these bloodlines. Others that came before me worked hard to get these lines where they are, and I don’t want to be the one to ruin a bloodline.

My dogs are kept in the house with me, never kenneled outside. They are my family.. When I breed my first thought is the whole package. They must have a great temperament. There is no use having a gorgeous Dane if no one can get near it. We try to raise pups that will fit into your life, your household and become your best friend.

Health is another part of the package. All my dogs are health tested .Even if not being bred. OFA hips, elbows, CERF (eyes) and Cardio (heart). These tests are not a guarantee that the offspring will never get any of these problems, but it’s a way to try to weed out the problems ahead of time. We want our dogs to live LONG and STRONG. Many people make the mistake of buying a less expensive pure breed dog from unscrupulous people who just breed to make money. They don’t health test and the less expensive pup who's parents were not health tested eventually costs way more than the pup from health tested parents.

Conformation is also a big concern in my breeding program. I want my dogs to conform to the Great Dane Club of America standard. I breed to improve my lines and come as close as I can to the standard. My dogs are not, dare I use the word, “Euros”. My dogs look like Great Danes are supposed to. They do not look like a mastiff cross that some non-show breeders are trying to pass as a Great Dane. A Great Dane was breed to work, to chase and catch Boars. That is why the ears were originally cropped. So the boars couldn’t grab the ears and rip them. My dogs could conceivably do the work intended. The “Euros”, in my opinion couldn’t catch a fly. So if you are looking for “Euros” you won’t find them here.

Please note

I am no longer in Cicero NY

I live in Cedar Key Florida now

So if you are looking for a Great Dane in NY state please contact the Western NY Great Dane Club

They will have a list of litters and responsible breeders. You can also find them on Face book



PUPS BORN 6/13/23


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